Kettley's Funeral Services

We can help and advice with all aspects of a funeral including:

Press Notices and probate

Wills and Probate

If you so wish we can organise for the passing of your loved one to be included in the obituary section of the newspaper of your choice.

  • The notice could include details about your loved ones life and give information about the funeral service. When a person dies somebody has to deal with their estate (the money, property and possessions left) by collecting in all the money, paying any debts and distributing the estate to those people entitled to it.
  • We can assist you with probate - this often means the issuing of a legal document to one or more people authorising them to do this.
  • The Probate Registry issues the document, which is called a grant of representation.

There are three types of grant of representation:

  1. Probate issued to one or more of the executors named in the deceased’s will.
  2. Letters of administration issued when there is a will but when there is no executor named, or when the executors are unable to apply, or do not wish to be involved in dealing with the estate.
  3. Letters of administration issued when the deceased has not made a will, or when any will he or she made is not valid.

If you are arranging a funeral now or planning for the future, please call us. We’ll give you all the time, support and advice you need.

Our caring team can arrange many different types of funeral from traditional and multi-faith to ecological and also work at the location of your choice.