Kettley's Funeral Services

We can help and advice with all aspects of a funeral including:



From March 2017

A low cost funeral with limited services, including basic coffin, no choice of day or time of funeral and restricted viewing of the deceased  within working hours only. Disbursements must be paid within 48 hours of arranging funeral.


SIMPLE FUNERAL with no hidden cost

Professional services, including:

Provision of our services including caring for the deceased

Attending to all relevant and necessary documentation

Provisions of all necessary staff

A simple Coffin

Transfer of deceased to our Chapel of Rest

A motor driven hearse direct from Chapel of Rest to nearest Crematorium

                                         Cost of Funeral £1,660.00 (excludes disbursements)

Disbursement fees for cremation:

Crematorium fees                                                      850.00

Ministers fees                                                            180.00

Doctors fees                                                              164.00                                                  

                                                                   Sub Total £1,194.00


Disbursements for burial in unpurchased grave:

Cemetery fees                                                     1058.00

Church & ministers fees   (aprox)                         300.00

                                                       Sub Total £1,358.00



* Total cost of simple funeral for cremation £2,854.00

* Total cost of simple burial in shared grave £3,018.00