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Green Funerals

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When the sun sets on a life, you do have a choice on what happens to the mortal remains; make yours now and enjoy peace of mind.

The Green Funeral option continues to grow in popularity and there are now around 200 woodland burial sites all over the country. The environment of green burial grounds are kept as wild and as natural as possible.

Through our own death, we can give something back to nature, something to be enjoyed for generations to come - a living memorial.

There is also satisfaction through the knowledge that contribution to the formation and preservation of nature and our beautiful woodland, will in turn become a rich and diverse self-sustaining wildlife habitat.

In general when speaking about green funerals we are referring to a meadow or woodland burial, this is complemented by the use of a coffin made from biodegradable materials such as willow or chipboard.

Memorials and headstones are generally not permitted, but often memorial trees can be planted to mark the grave.

Other aspects of an eco-funeral are the use of less vehicles - in turn use of less fuel. No embalming is usually carried out and the coffin must be biodegradable.

Woodland Burial Sites in Yorkshire




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